The Return: “Futura 2020” Sees the Legend’s First Solo Show in NYC in 30 Years @ Eric Firestone

The Return:
There are those rare legends in a genre who command respect and visceral reaction at even the utterance of their name. Futura2000 occupies that realm. When that graffiti moniker first arrived on the NYC scene in the early 1970s, it immediately defined an aesthetic and visual accompaniment like few artists to have painted on the streets. Futura just sounds like a pioneering name, and a pioneer he was, as attested by countless stories from graffiti historians and fellow peers who speak of his rarified level of experimentation and abstract mark-making that provided a bridge between fine art and graffiti, trailblazing the potential of graff. Like Michael Jordan in basketball, whose name invokes the cultural reach and mastery of his field, …

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