The Art Angle Podcast: 8 Predictions on How the Art World Will Shift in 2021

Welcome to the Art Angle, a podcast from Artnet News that delves into the places where the art world meets the real world, bringing each week’s biggest story down to earth. Join host Andrew Goldstein every week for an in-depth look at what matters most in museums, the art market, and much more, with input from our own writers and editors, as well as artists, curators, and other top experts in the field.

No one could have foreseen the giant boomerang of a year that was 2020. With its trifecta of health, financial, and social crises, it could not have been predicted by even the most studied of sages. No, not even Artnet News’s resident forecaster, art business editor Tim Schneider.

But that didn’t stop Tim from embarking on his annual tradition, formulating highly specific predictions for the art market in the coming 365 days.

In the early days of 2021—before the angry mob of protestors stormed the Capitol, inciting a riot and leading to the historic second impeachment of President Trump; before we knew Kim and Kanye were heading toward divorce—Tim peered into his crystal ball to make some informed prognostications about the art market.

On this week’s episode, Tim joins Andrew Goldstein to discuss everything from museum deaccessioning to the biggest changes in store for galleries.

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