‘Stormy ocean wave’

The stormy sea has a power that sweeps away, destroys, and at the same time is indifferent. A person kills a person because he hates him. The sea kills a person because it does not notice him, just turning slightly on its sandy bed.
At the same time, the sea remains beautiful. Delightful. Charming. Like a wild beast of prey, it bewitches, its waves are similar to the color of the sky. They beat in the cage of the shores, roar, devouring themselves.
A bright sky is seen on the horizon, like hope for a brighter future. There is always a place for light in this world. And this streak is like a hope for which it is worth living and moving on, even when everything is gloomy around. In this oil painting, you can see the light breaking through the dark clouds. The eternal struggle between darkness and light. Good and evil.

• Additional borders of the canvas are painted so it can be hung with or without a frame as preferred.

• This original artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

• I use all professional packing materials to make sure your artwork gets to you safely wherever in the world you may live.

• In this painting, I used the traditional multi-layer painting technique.

• All seascapes are hand-painted by me, Anna Kulak, using professional high light fastness oil paints and high quality stretched canvases, so you will have your original oil painting for life.

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