This work is inspired by a mythical character, THE GEISHAS, who has been assigned an uncertain identity for years, due to the ratings attributed to the character.
The interpretation of the GEISHA SERIES was made with an image without identity, where makeup takes center stage with the coldness and a touch of color on her lips that enhance the image so characteristic of such a mythical figure.
I want to capture in the works, that cold expression of the character, with different approaches obtained from a study of natural models making notes from different positions. I chose to do the GEISHA series because I am very interested in this figure, in the game that allows me to dress my GEISHA; dressed in a lot of color, playing with textures to make a collage using different recycled materials such as coffee grounds, the cardboard of the egg cups that I use for the decorative details of the hairstyle and all kinds of papers.
Mixed technique on canvas or wood.

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