Rousseau’s daydreams

Rousseau is no example.
He who did not want to write as a profession, but only by passion, is endowed with a keen intelligence capable of expressing his unhappiness with refined humor to the point of recognizing that “my birth was the first of my misfortunes”.
For love he developed the formula of living with the woman he doesn’t love, loving all the others with whom it is inconceivable to live. He promised her that he would never marry, but also, that he would never abandon her. He did not abandon her, and married after twenty-five years and five children, who then, yes, were delivered in an orphanage because that same woman could not give them a proper education. There were no promises of eternal love, but it would be the rude Mrs. Rousseau to pay homage to her great man before his ashes were immortalized in the Pantheon.
Rousseau, in several aspects was a century ahead of his time, distancing himself from the environment and the ideas of the time by incorporating sensitivity and emotion into the reflective discourse, putting feelings and heart in front, or at least, aside reason. Freedom is his goal, but it is equality that he values and seeks to ensure, even at the expense of his own freedom, leaving us with his word of law: “Do good by harming the least as you can others “.

Rousseau is education, freedom, equality. For me, in addition to humor, it is unavoidable.

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