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Buy Art And Help Beirut Get Back On Its Feet

Denise Maroney of Dear Beirut talks about a very special auction in aid of those made homeless by the explosion

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The Artspace Group Show: The Supernatural

Rational empiricism has replaced a belief in ghouls and goblins, but as these artworks demonstrate, the notion of the supernatural still has much to teach …

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Color, Contrast And Warped Geometries – Contemporary Psychedelia is Everywhere From Japanese Pop to American Street Art

The vaguery that makes the birth of psychedelia hard to pin down has also ensured it a long afterlife – here are six striking examples

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5 Pieces We Think You Should Bid on in the Artspace Winter 2020 Auction

Our Pick of the Upcoming Sale Put Together by Private Sales Director Amanda Knuppel

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Get To Know Simone Leigh, The Artist Representing America in Venice in 2022

Discover how the sculptor combines traditional forms with strong, contemporary social critiques

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INTERVIEW: Marcel Dzama on Goya, Ghost Rabbits, And His New Artspace Edition The illumination of the sisters of paradise, 2020

Proceeds from Marcel Dzama’s new Artspace edition – inspired by his trips to Mexico and Morocco – will go to RxART

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INTERVIEW: Marcel Dzama on Goya, Ghost Rabbits, And His New Artspace Edition

Proceeds from Marcel Dzama’s new Artspace edition, The Illumination of the sisters of paradise, 2020, will go to RxART

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RxART Founder Diane Brown on How Artists, Like Marcel Dzama, Are Making The Hospital Visit More Hospitable For Kids

Proceeds from Marcel Dzama’s new Artspace edition will go to the nonprofit organisation

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Collect Collage with Confidence

Leave memories of schoolroom sessions with deconstructed magazines, safety scissors and paper glue far behind. Collage is present through genres as disparate as Surrealism and …

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The Artspace Group Show: Money

Six works by contemporary artists that are all about the Benjamins, and that employ money both as motif and material, as an index of (sometimes …

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Phaidon Editor Rebecca Morrill Picks Some of her Favorite (Blue) Works on Artspace

Meet the curator turned art book editor with a thing about the color blue

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Curator and Phaidon Editor Michele Robecchi Picks Some of his Favorite Works on Artspace

Prints by Pipilotti Rist, Nari Ward, Pope .L and Lorraine O’Grady are among the respected curator’s choices

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Casinos, Cathedrals, Freeways and Forts – The Best Architecture Photos on Artspace

The history of photography itself is intrinsically bound up with architectural photography, here are some of our favorite pieces currently on Artspace by artists who …

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Opposites Attract (And Here’s The Proof!)

Has lockdown life got you reassessing the art pairings on your walls? Are you looking for a dynamic addition to your editions? We reveal how …

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Trevor Paglen: ‘Bloom was put together in a moment of death and mourning, a moment when the fragility of our lives and institutions is in sharp focus.’

Put together in the pandemic, the artist’s new Pace show looks at the degree to which our lives are threaded through with AI, facial recognition, …

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Energetic, High Spirited and Downright Dynamic – Are You Daring Enough to Opt for Op Art?

Optical art has been quietly enjoying a revival in recent years – maybe you’d like to join in

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The Artspace Group Show: Time

The passage of time feels stubbornly real. This ‘invention’ defines our being like no other, associated as it is with our concepts of memory, history, …

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9 Stand-Outs From Berlin Art Week 2019

Check out 9 stand-outs from Berlin Art Week 2019.

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6 Pranks Played on the Art World

In case you hadn’t noticed it’s April Fool’s Day – so forget the inside world for a moment or two and remember more carefree times. …

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The Artspace Group Show: Royalty

Much of the history of art is the history of images of political and artistic royalty, which have collided time and again, often to extraordinary …

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Invite a Few New Faces Into Your home Via Contemporary Portraiture

Social restrictions don’t mean you have to miss out on a little human touch, thanks to Artspace’s wide range of excellent portraiture

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Eye on the suburbs? Then consider some art that works outside the inner city

As the death of the office pushes urbanites out to the greener edges of our metropoli, we take a look at the kind of artworks …

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