Jenna Gribbon: “Regarding Me Regarding You” @ GNYP Gallery, Berlin

Jenna Gribbon:
Jenna Gribbon’s paintings pay homage to the moment when light touches skin. Her brush strokes capture these similar and never the same moments in intimate portraits of those close to her. Next to her friends and son, Gribbon’s girlfriend is prominently featured in her sensual paintings. Putting these personal scenes into the public gallery space, Gribbon understands her paintings as ‘commentary on the voyeuristic nature of the world.’ Rarely finishing a work within one sitting, Gribbon’s paintings are often built on the basis of photographs as a means of how we memorise and thus experience. She states: “My work is concerned with the way we construct personal narrative.” For a complete read of her work, the painting’s titles are key.…

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