Hidden in mountains, a house on the hill, peaceful green landscape

Where is your safe place now? I ask you.
Now, when we live so close to each other,
when we have to share a living place with our business thoughts and projects?

Where your soul can finally relax and forget all that modern chaos? Do you have such a hidden place?

Please, let me give you a gift: mentally enter the house drawn in the picture, take several deep breaths and exhalations, smile. Feel the mountains around you. This world belongs only to you! You are the World.


I love acrylic for its brightness and environmental friendliness, so I definitely used this kind of medium.

The artwork’s size is 25×35 cm, acrylic on cardboard with canvas.
Multi-layer detailed painting.
Signed and dated on the front and back (I write the text on the back while packing).

Finished with varnish including UV protection.
I suggest placing the picture in a thin frame.

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