“The next part of our adventure was a magnificent place in the heart of the mountains. The cool fresh air and clear water in the rivers and streams that murmur in the midst of complete silence tamed our thoughts and dissolved our fears. This place was many centuries before us, and it will remain after us. Life doesn’t stop flowing. But here, time seemed to stand still. And only the wind howls…”

This painting is made in a thin, elegant, aerial technique. It has a calming effect.


I create a calming atmosphere for people.
I strive to convey harmony and calmness to the audience. I relax the man by using smooth transitions, a small number of colors and objects.

My work cannot be repeated, because the paint flows freely, without obstacles, only directed by me.
I use only high-quality materials. Ink, with proper storage of paintings, retains its saturation for up to 100 years.

Acrylic ink on cotton canvas with a density of 380 g/m².
The pine subframe exudes the scent of wood. Gallery wrapped canvas.
The work is signed on both sides.
Each of my paintings is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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