“Finally, we reached the edge of the forest. Through the old spruce trees we saw a misty sea, the waves of which quietly washed the foot of a lonely mysterious hill. “What is it?”,- we thought.
Quiet, calm atmosphere in the picture. Gradation of blue-green color gives a feeling of coolness and cleanliness.”

My works fit into any interior. I use either neutral or bright, but muted tones. I would call them “quiet”. The pine stretcher exudes the aroma of wood, which sets off the mood of the picture.



I create a calming atmosphere for people.
I strive to convey harmony and calmness to the audience. I relax the man by using smooth transitions, a small number of colors and objects.

My work cannot be repeated, because the paint flows freely, without obstacles, only directed by me.
I use only high-quality materials. Ink, with proper storage of paintings, retains its saturation for up to 100 years.

Acrylic ink on cotton canvas with a density of 380 g/m².
The pine subframe exudes the scent of wood. Gallery wrapped canvas.
The work is signed on both sides.
Each of my paintings is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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