Marcus Møller Bitsch is a Danish photographer from Aarhus, Denmark, currently based in Paris. His most recent series asks questions about the nature of memories: their veracity, our interactions with them and how we perceive the world around us. He notes: “Memories trick us. They are rarely a true representation of what actually happened. They are altered subconsciously and consciously, to underline the highlights – negative as well as positive – painting over the irrelevant to give a clearer memory. 

Møller Bitschillustrates this alteration – a sense of editing of our own existence. His photographs have been printed, cut up, rebuilt as miniature dioramas, three-dimensional collages and optical illusions.

“Everything we know, touch, see, and smell, are filtered through a number of physiological and cognitive processes. Subsequently, our subjective experience of the world is unique, just as our memories are unique from our experience of the world.” The pictures are cut, ripped, manipulated and rephotographed as a simulation of memories bending, breaking and changing over time. | All images courtesy Marcus Møller Bitsch.

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