August 3, 2022

Multicultural Art

In ‘Colonial Ruptures,’ Artist Sharif Bey Defies the Constraints of Time through Fragmented Figures

“The Oviary I,” earthenware, mixed media. All images © Sharif Bey, shared with permission. Artist Sharif Bey centers his practice around recontextualizing, a process he undertakes by fracturing long-held perspectives through fragments. His figurative sculptures unify disparate materials and broad cultural references across generations and eras—his works are notably undated—drawing on both the aesthetics of

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Multicultural Art

Cruise Night 2: The Perez Brothers Are Immersed in LA

There are many different versions of Los Angeles. Not just culturally, as it is one of the great diverse places of the United States, but historically. Time seems to overlap here, where the city is not quite settled but seems to be in constant transition. It moves. The Perez Brothers have painted this movement in

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Art News

Project David: Family Photos From the Future Past

In 2001 the Sony company started works on “Project David”. The goal was to develop and test of robot and his ability to integrate to the humane society. The design of the robot is based on previous research and development of synthetic materials modified into organic structures in inorganic form. This allows the design of

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