January 14, 2022

Art In Architecture

Kaleidoscopic Patterns Coil Around Miniature Snakes Exquisitely Cast in Glass

All images © Ryan Eicher Intricate linework and trippy, geometric motifs flow through the minuscule glass-blown serpents by Ryan Eicher. The Maryland-based artist casts smooth, colorful gradients, rainbow stripes, thin parallel bands, and intersecting helices within the snakes’ coiled bodies, a challenge considering the structure of the patterns shifts as he shapes the forms. Each

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Israel’s Ramat Gan Museum Closes Amid Censorship Dispute

The Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art in Tel Aviv has temporarily shuttered amid ongoing censorship dispute between city officials and artists represented in a recent group exhibition. The museum closed after 47 participants in a group show demanded the withdrawal of their art as a show of solidarity with David Reeb, whose work was

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Museum News

10 Projects We’re Looking Forward to in 2022

As we embark on a new year, with some trepidation but also a fresh supply of hope, we are looking ahead to the completion and evolution of many long-awaited projects. Some promise to deliver a new vision for how we can all live together, carving out exciting public spaces in which people can gather freely

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Art News

From the New Immersive ‘Mona Lisa’ to the Implosion of the Artist Pension Trust: The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week

BEST Hungry Badger Makes Historic Discovery – A badger seeking food in the aftermath of the historic Storm Filomena accidentally unearthed a cache of ancient Roman coins in northern Spain. A Very Real Van Dyck – An art historian purchased a lookalike painting by the Dutch master for under $100 in 1976, and now experts say it’s likely

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Use of ‘Racist’ Term in Rijksmuseum Indonesia Show Provokes Controversy

The Rijksmuseum’s forthcoming historical show “Revolusi! Indonesia Independent,” which opens in February, promises to be an eye-opening look at Indonesia’s fight to gain independence from the Dutch Colonial Empire. One seemingly small detail in the show has proved a sticking point: the eschewing of a term that one historian labeled “racist” in a recent article, provoking controversy

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