January 13, 2022


De la serie “Cacofonías”. Esta obra trata sobre las relaciones entre dominantes y dominados. La influencia y el mandato ejercido por los que tienen algún tipo de poder sobre la mayoría, y estos son arrastrados a acciones innecesarias. From the series “Cacophonies”. This work deals about the relations between the dominant and the dominated. The

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Museum News

Aiming to Make Art More Accessible and Diverse, Apostrophe Puzzles Releases Artist-Designed Jigsaws

Liz Flores. All images © Apostrophe Puzzles, shared with permission Apostrophe Puzzles is at the nexus of art and accessibility. Founder Mandi Masden launched the Brooklyn-based company in 2019 with the goal of making the works usually confined to galleries, museums, and the collections of wealthy patrons more affordable to average consumers. “I am really

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Call For Artists

‘Art Is a Recording Device’: Watch Artist Stephanie Syjuco Rearrange Images to Create New Perspectives on History

What is authenticity, really? That question is at the heart of California-based artist Stephanie Syjuco‘s practice, which spans photography, installation, sculpture, and other crafts. In 2019, the artist delved into the massive archives of the Smithsonian to photograph documents that help tell the story of America. Syjuco wants the viewer to reconsider the authenticity of the

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Asian Art

The Founder of Netscape Has Returned $35 Million Worth of Looted Cambodian Antiquities

Technology entrepreneur James H. Clark, creator of the once dominant Netscape browser, has surrendered 35 Southeast Asian antiquities from his personal collection after federal investigators determined they had been looted. Twenty-eight were from Cambodia and the rest from India, Myanmar, and Thailand. Clark purchased the pieces for roughly $35 million between 2003 and 2008 from

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Asian Art

Taiwan Has Pulled Artist Sakuliu Pavavaljung From the Venice Biennale After a String of Sexual Assault Allegations

Sakuliu Pavavaljung will no longer represent Taiwan at the upcoming Venice Biennale after multiple women came forward accusing the artist of sexual assault. The move comes weeks after Documenta suspended the artist from participating in the Kassel event. The Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM), which commissions Taiwan‘s pavilion in Venice, said the decision was made

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Dieter von Graffenried (1953–2021)

Dieter von Graffenried, publisher of the acclaimed international art journal Parkett, of which he was also a cofounder, died December 19 at the age of sixty-eight. According to the journal, he experienced

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North American Art

Learn to Paint Magical Scenes in Thread in a New Book by Embroidery Artist Emillie Ferris

All images © Emillie Ferris, courtesy of David & Charles, shared with permission U.K.-based artist Emillie Ferris (previously) has spent nearly a decade refining her distinct embroidery technique, which involves staggering long and short stitches to create textured portrayals of flora and fauna. She’s crafted magical butterflies in smooth gradients, bees that appear as fuzzy

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