September 13, 2021

Art News

Are You a Liar? Or a Thief?

Have you ever done something that scared the pants off you? When I was new to writing, but determined to succeed, a prospective client asked, “Can you write copy for business websites?” I really, really needed the job and was in no position to say that I’d never done it before. There was no way

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Vintage door

This very beautiful old door is located in the old part of our city. This is one of the last beautiful old houses in the city. The painting was painted on ARCHES cotton paper.

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Chloe Wyma on “The Emerald Tablet”

A BLUE 1969 CADILLAC COUPE DEVILLE is parked on North Orange Drive across the street from Jeffrey Deitch’s LA gallery, a flying saucer affixed to the roof. License plate: UNARIUS. The sidewalk is

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