September 13, 2021

‘Abstract seascape’

In this painting, I have depicted the moment before the storm. The clouds are gathering over the sea. The sea begins to worry and very soon the sea will begin to storm beautifully, soaring up to the sky. • Additional borders of the canvas are painted so it can be hung with or without a

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We hear and talk so often about free life. Freedom of action. But if you think about whether there are many truly free and independent people among us. Often we depend heavily on obligations, on the opinion of other people, on money, on thoughts. Sometimes I want to sit at one moment and become absolutely

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The first snow

One day — it can happen at the beginning of winter or at the end of autumn — you wake up and feel that something extraordinary has happened. Even just looking at the window, you understand that today it is lighter than usual on the street. And already looking out of the window, you will

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German Cultural Institutions Damaged by the Summer’s Historic Flooding Will Get a Cut of a $35 Million Aid Package

The German government will give €30 million ($35.4 million) in aid for areas impacted by this past summer’s devastating rainfall and floods, including to damaged cultural institutions and monuments. The funding is part of a larger development aid package of up to €30 billion ($35.4 billion), which will help the southwestern states that were most harmed

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• Additional borders of the canvas are painted so it can be hung with or without a frame as preferred. • This original artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. • I use all professional packing materials to make sure your artwork gets to you safely wherever in the world you may live. •

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‘Stormy ocean wave’

The stormy sea has a power that sweeps away, destroys, and at the same time is indifferent. A person kills a person because he hates him. The sea kills a person because it does not notice him, just turning slightly on its sandy bed. At the same time, the sea remains beautiful. Delightful. Charming. Like

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Art News

Jen Stark’s Colorful World Comes to Life at ‘Cascade’ in Brooklyn

“DRIP CASCADE” (2021), concept and direction by Jen Stark, animation by David Lewandowski, and sound by Charlie Scovill. All images by and courtesy of Jen Stark, shared with permission An immersive experience by multimedia artist Jen Stark is coming to Williamsburg. From September 17 through October 24, visitors can experience Stark’s colorful dreamworld Cascade through

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Anna Kulak

Anna is a professional artist based in St. Petersburg, Russia. She was born in north Russia, surrounded by a harsh climate and restrained landscapes in which her artwork is often inspired. The artist considers oil to be the most lively, versatile and time-tested material. The sense of depth in her abstracts is achieved through a

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