July 21, 2021

Antiquities Restorer Charged with Possession of Looted Pieces Worth $32 M.

Neil Perry Smith, a British antiquities expert, has been charged for possessing and restoring 22 stolen objects from India, Cambodia, Thailand, and Nepal. The news was announced on Tuesday by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, which said that the works were worth a collected $32 million. The 58-year-old restorer was extradited to the United States

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Grace Weaver

Slow down; savor life’s small moments. It took a global pandemic for many of us to ditch our addiction to busyness and heed this noble, if clichéd, advice. Grace Weaver’s suite of ten new paintings, “

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Art News

Winning Photographs from The World of Water Competition

Top Photographer: Emmanuel Fazembat – France Billed as the world’s greatest photo game, GuruShots is an online platform that provides a fun, structured way to showcase your images while gaining global exposure for your work. By competing in epic challenges against millions of photographers, you can get instant feedback from over three billion monthly votes

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Modesty adorns a girl, doesn’t it? The very innocence is in this piece The painting makes the greatest impression live, since the camera cannot convey the texture and play of light in the painting. Before shipment, the painting is put in a 100% wooden frame as a gift ( Black or white) at the request

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