July 21, 2021

Amy Stober

Much has been done with unconventional painting supports, yet the fourteen wall-mounted works in Amy Stober’s assured solo debut resuscitate the idiom in a number of clever and kinky ways. The artist’s

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Remains of 2,700-Year-Old City Wall Discovered in Jerusalem

Archaeologists have uncovered a missing section of Jerusalem’s original Iron Age fortifications that were built at least 2,700 years ago. Most of the wall would have been destroyed during a Babylonian invasion in 586 B.C.E., according to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), which announced the discovery this week. A wall segment on the eastern slope

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Art News

A British Art Restorer Has Been Arrested for His Role in a $143 Million Asian Antiquities Smuggling Ring

The Manhattan district attorney’s office has taken a key next step in prosecuting the $143 million Asian antiquities smuggling ring led by disgraced dealer Subhash Kapoor with the arraignment yesterday of 58-year-old British art restorer Neil Perry Smith on 29 counts. Smith is accused of restoring 22 illegally obtained Cambodian, Thai, and Nepalese antiquities, collectively valued

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Zilla Leutenegger

Oulipian writer Georges Perec’s 1974 essay cycle Espèces d’espaces (Species of Spaces) provided the title for this Zilla Leutenegger exhibition in Eastern Switzerland. The comparison does some work:

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Andrew Cranston

Karma is pleased to present “Waiting for the Bell,” an exhibition of recent paintings by Andrew Cranston (b. 1969, Hawick, UK). This is the artist’s first New York solo exhibition. Working in oil,

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Tania Bruguera Joins the Growing Ranks of Dissident Artists Being Detained During the Anti-Communist Protests in Cuba

As Cubans continue to take to the streets this month to protest deteriorating living conditions, food shortages, and a lack of health care, the government has intensified its crackdown on dissenting voices—particularly those of prominent artists.  Yesterday, artist Tania Bruguera was allegedly taken from her home by state security officials and temporarily moved to the

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