June 22, 2021

A Shanghai Art Space Closed After Showing a Video Ranking Women’s Looks by an Artist Known as ‘the Chinese Donald Trump’

In China, uproar over a video piece has prompted the indefinite closure of a Shanghai art space called OCAT. Titled Uglier and Uglier, the eight-hour video features images of surreptitiously recorded female university students ranked in order from most attractive to least attractive, based on the artist’s judgment. Chinese artist Song Ta created the work in 2012.

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UNESCO Report Warns Stonehenge, Venice Could Soon Be ‘Endangered’ Sites

UNESCO, the United Nations–operated agency, released a report this week that indicated some of the world’s most iconic historic locations could soon be designated as “endangered” on the organization’s World Heritage in Danger list. Stonehenge in England, the Italian city of Venice, and the ancient capital Ashur in Iraq are among those cited in the

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Diego Cortez (1946–2021)

Diego Cortez, the filmmaker and curator known for launching the career of Jean-Michel Basquiat, whom he met on a dance floor, has died. Patti Astor, cofounder of New York’s Fun Gallery, announced the

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Nonprofit Art

Suicide Prevention | Nonprofit Report

Mark Oppenheim leads a discussion on suicide prevention, with guests; Christina Judge, Executive Director of The Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation Dr. Daniel Reidenberg, Executive Director of Suicide Awareness Voices of Education and Clara Reynolds, President & CEO of Crisis Center of Tampa Bay The post Suicide Prevention | Nonprofit Report appeared first on mOppenheimTV.

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