June 21, 2021

North American Art

“Blasphemous”: The Superb 3D Concept Artworks of Alexy Préfontaine

Alexy Préfontaine is a 3D Illustrator and Art Director from Montreal, Canada. His work is all about colors, balance, and emotion. Blending surreal landscapes and digital portraiture, he has managed to craft a distinct style over the years and develop a keen eye for details, while focusing on the emotional impact. More: Alexy Préfontaine, Instagram,

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Erik Morse on neuroaesthetics

TO INAUGURATE THE CHAOID GALLERY at the New York nonprofit Thread Waxing Space in 1999, curator and School of Visual Arts professor Warren Neidich organized “Conceptual Art as Neurobiological Practice,”

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Art In Healthcare

Artists Against Anti-Asian Violence Benefit Auction

“It feels like we are on this high-speed carousel, being flung in circles, moving from one tragedy to the next and we can’t quite grasp onto our seat before we are focused on the next group of people who are hurting and suffering,” Dominique Fung summarizes the perpetuating reality we’ve been experiencing, a realization that

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Art In Archeology

Black and Blue: Lee Quiñones @ Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles

Lee Quiñones contributions to street culture are vast and expansive, so much so that he is one of the rare artists whose graffiti walls are etched into the historical lexicon. His fine artworks are a homage but entirely original in his ability to channel a street language and studio practice, which he has always balanced

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Art News

Enters Thief: Sasha Gordon @ Matthew Brown, Los Angeles

Sasha Gordon’s first solo exhibition, Enters Thief illustrates suburban vignettes staged on the precipice of reality. Suspended between the everyday and sublime, Gordon’s scenarios are populated by self portrait-style characters who share a utopian camaraderie, but maintain a subtle hierarchy.  

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Art-World Insider Shares 2021 Insights

I recently had the pleasure of talking with my friend Linda Mariano of Redwood Art Group. Linda has a wealth of experience as the Managing Director of Marketing for Redwood’s well-known American art fairs and publications. She really understands the current art-world landscape and sees clearly what’s next. Listen to this wonderful conversation we had.

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