April 29, 2021

Germany Commits to Returning Benin Bronzes Starting in 2022

In a rare and nearly unprecedented step, Germany has promised to begin returning the Benin Bronzes held by state-run institutions in 2022. The push to send back the objects was announced on Thursday by the German culture ministry. The Benin Bronzes are a group of thousands of objects that were plundered from the Kingdom of

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Andrew Berardini on Desert X 2021

ON OUR LONG DRIVE through the desert of the Coachella Valley chasing the artworks and installations of Desert X 2021, my fifteen-year-old daughter and I drove past the El Dorado Estates. Scrubby bushes

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Multicultural Art

Out Now: The Interiors Issue 2021

“Care is not one moment, it is a thousand little moments. And you slice it and slice it so that it touches everything you do.” The words of Siamak Hariri, principal at Toronto architecture firm Hariri Pontarini, ring true especially now. As a new spring season blooms, more than a year into the pandemic, the

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Art In Healthcare

The Next Course: Future of Hospitality

Early last year, Montreal restaurateur Erin Mahoney was putting the final touches on Joon, her Persian and South Caucasus cuisine destination — and her first permanent location following a number of spirited pop-ups — when COVID-19 hit. Suddenly, everything was tossed in the air, and she had to make some serious decisions. With lockdown looming,

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