April 2, 2021

Art News

Canadians Found Steven Shearer’s Billboards of People Sleeping So Creepy That a Vancouver Photo Festival Had to Cover Them Up

A series of seven billboards plastered with photographs of sleeping people have been covered up after organizers of Vancouver’s Capture Photography Festival received a flood of angry emails. The photographs, by the Canada-based artist Steven Shearer, debuted at the Arbutus Greenway on Tuesday, and were plastered over by Thursday, before the festival had officially begun.

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A playlist by Jace Clayton

For this playlist, I decided to focus on the three fundamentals of music: Pluck, House, and Float. Pluck: A spiky attack followed by a slow decay. Nearly all that we understand as the character of

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Call For Artists

Phillips Is Entering the Digital Fray With the Sale of a Mad Dog Jones NFT That Will Generate New NFTs Every Month

When Beeple shattered expectations with a history-making $69 million NFT sale at Christie’s New York last month, it was all but inevitable that other auction houses would look to match that success. Soon after, Sotheby’s announced a sale with NFT artist Pak. Now, completing the trifecta of top auction houses, Phillips is getting into the

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