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The Artspace Group Show: Winter

With its visual distinctiveness, winter has given rise to numerous great works of art. Here we bring together six contemporary pieces that take this chilliest of seasons as their subject, and in the process explore everything from the pleasures of snowbou

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A Visual Record of Daily Life in San Quentin Prison

The San Quentin Project collects a largely unseen visual record of daily life inside one of America’s oldest and largest prisons, demonstrating how this archive of the state is now being used to teach visual literacy and process the experience of incarceration. 

Johanna Fateman on the art of Niki de Saint Phalle

“IF TODAY I CONSIDER MYSELF almost the only poet, the only sculptor capable of creating something poetic, it’s precisely because I’m a woman,” the French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle announced

Naturehumaine Sculpts a Tripartite Home Around Sunlight

When “Let there be light” landed on the drafting table as a client request (rather than a celestial order), Naturehumaine responded to the challenge with an intelligent design. To come up with the creation story for an illuminated single-family house on a densely treed lot in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, the architects looked up for inspiration.

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Artist Turns Generic Figurines into Ultra-Realistic Sculptures of Anime Characters

A talented Japanese artist uses airbrushes and classic brushes to transform generic plastic figurines of popular anime characters into custom works of art. The mysterious artist, who goes by MA Man on social media, specializes in taking commercially available figurines of popular anime series from series like Dragon Ball or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and giving

Elena Raceala

Elena Raceala is a Romanian photographer who combines elements of street photography or everyday life with surrealism and transforms them into a moody vision. She was raised in Constanta, a harbour city on the shores of the Black Sea. She studied nursing and currently works as a nurse at the Constanta County and Emergency Clinical

Godzilla, the Asian American Arts Network, Teaches Us That Critique Is Essential

Portrait of Godzilla: Asian American Arts Network members, 1990. Photo by Tom Finkelpearl. Courtesy of Tomie Arai. Godzilla, the fictional Japanese beast that emerged from the Pacific waters to rage against humanity, became a fitting moniker for a group of Asian American artists who assembled to storm the oppressive whiteness of the American art landscape.

MAD Architects’ Monumental Library Tops Out in Haikou

Along the coast of Haikou, a bustling port city on the island of Hainan, China, a peculiar landmark has been slowly taking shape. MAD Architects, known for their voluptuous forms and eye-catching, innovative designs, have just set the last beam on this soon-to-be iconic edifice: the Cloudscape of Haikou. Part of an ongoing urban planning

This Folded Paper Book Opens Up to Reveal 31 Layered Storage Compartments

 Tuck away your coins and small mementos for safekeeping in this nested storage book. Comprised of 31 compartments, the design features layers of folds, meaning that the 16 flowers on top and the pockets supporting them open up to reveal small compartments that vary in size. Originally, the paper books, which are called zhen

The Incredible Delicated Tattoos of Eva Karabudak

Born in a small coastal town in Turkey, Eva Karabudak has gained international renown for her one-of-a-kind, intricately detailed, micro-realism tattoos. In less than a decade, her extraordinary skills have propelled her from doing street murals to fund her studies at The Fine Arts Academy of Ankara, to owning and operating her own tattoo studio

The Artspace Group Show: Royalty

Much of the history of art is the history of images of political and artistic royalty, which have collided time and again, often to extraordinary effect

6 Pranks Played on the Art World

In case you hadn’t noticed it’s April Fool’s Day – so forget the inside world for a moment or two and remember more carefree times. . .

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